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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00.
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live look at reading berks county. so cold the town cancel new year's eve far work at the reading pagoda. it is just too dangerous. deep freeze is gripping our entire area. can you believe we're just wishing for it to be freezing outside because that would be so much warmer? thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland it's friday night. normally people would be out and about. but if you're just staying inside and trying to stay warm you got a lot of company around here. it's time for some cold weather team coverage starting with scott williams. >> hi there lucy. get ready for more cold and, yes, the snow. it will be moving in by day break tomorrow morning. the instead yesterday between about 7:00 a.m. and noon. we are talking about alations instantly because of the cold temperatures and right now the snow still off to our west. around the ohio river valley but take look at the purple. those are those winter weather advisories we have one for lancaster county, but none around the immediate philadelphia area. that's because not anticipating
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hefty amounts of snow but we'll go hour by hour by 7am already moving in from west to eat. 11am still dealing with that light snow accumulating reduced visibilities and also cold temperatures tomorrow stuck in the 20s. so on average we're talking about perhaps an inch around atlantic city. a little over an inch and a half philadelphia. an inch to an inch and a half once you move north and west. 28 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. wind chills in the single digits and teams. then on sunday, 22 degrees will be the high. wind chills in the single digits for much of the day. and even colder as we move toward new year's day. we'll talk about the forecast for the mummers parade lucy coming up. >> supposed to be big weekend. we shall see. thank you much. penndot crews of course working hard to prepare for the morning snowfall making sure trucks are ready and streets are salted. our joanne pileggi has been hanging out with the crews making sure those streets are safe tomorrow. >> reporter: ready, set, snow!
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that's right. old map winter teaming up with mother nature and we're going to have a cold white saturday. not a snow naked in sight, yet. but gillan is on it. he'll be working through the night as part of the advanc advd when it comes to snow prep. >> if they're calling for more snow we get the plows on the trucks and different stuff like that. for little snow like they're calling for today, tomorrow, whatever, um, we usually just get the saul trucks ready. >> reporter: from the private companies to penndot it's all hands on deck. when the forecast calls for sn snow. >> the command center is up and running to make sure road crews know what they need to do and where they have to go. and assessing each individual snowstorm that happens. >> we activated our anti icing program on thursday and in advance of what's coming because obviously, um, whatever falls from the sky given the cold temperatures we expect to stick to the roadway right away. >> reporter: that's why they do preemptive salting and
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brining and then prepare for plowing if necessary. >> our crews will be ready to deploy anywhere between four and 7am saturday morning to, you know, as soon as the first makes hit. >> reporter: and drivers, are they ready. >> i'm not ready. to be perfectly honest with you i am not ready, but, you know, like you said it's winter. >> usual safety precautions in terms of, you know, wipers on, headlights on. to avoid distractions keep your seat belts on. maintain safe driving distance between your car and the car in front of you. >> reporter: so penndot is ready. the road crews in jersey, wilmington and philly are ready. make sure you use good judgment if you plan to be driving in this winter weather. in king of prussia, i'm joanne pileggi fox 29 news. warning tonight for anyone pipet in their life keep them alive don't leave them outside in the elements in this big chill. in fact it's the law in pennsylvania. the new law of the land. our dave kinchen joins us live from fairmount park.
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dave, you were hanging out tonight with a pennsylvania spca officer charged with up holding that new law and saving pets from the frigid cold. >> reporter: that's right. he has a very very big job and he does it with pride. and what we found tonight is that pet owners, well, they're taking notice of this new law, too. >> we do our best to keep her bundled up just like i am. it's really cold out here. trying make her do her business and get back inside. >> reporter: casey is taking extra care of his dog stella since temperatures are below freezing to night and he hates thinking about pets that get left behind in these conditions. >> it's a tragedy hearing stuff like that. you just want to make sure, you know, your dogs are kept warm like your familiarly. >> hundreds of calls come in. not just calls but e-mails. >> reporter: pennsylvania spca officer wayne smith is one of a few cops enforcing the law and drives to those calls look to go rescue vanned pooches. >> unthe new law you can be
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arrested without having the adequate doghouse, potable water meaning that water has to be, n dog has to be able to drink that water. if it's frozen a dog cannot drink the water. >> reporter: officer smith says he just responded to case in strawberry mansion today and wants to make sure all dog owners know the new rules. >> when we knock on the door, we're not -- unless -- it's something really really bad then we, you know, we in law enforcement but when we come -- we coming as counselors, teachers, education, help, you know, trying to help as much as we possibly can. >> reporter: the law he enforces was sponsored by state rep todd stephens who said your pet should be treated just like other members of your family in this deep freeze. >> even if no harm comes of the dog, it's still neglect which is a summary offense now in pennsylvania. so you've got to make sure that your dog has adequate heat and shelter available to them particularly in this cold weather. >> reporter: the pspca officer
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we spoke with says they enforce state law and he says that it's the local agencies that enforce the code blues when it comes to pets as well. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, dave. before you head out on your saturday, turn on fox 29 "good day philadelphia" it starts at 7:00 a.m. you'll get the current conditions and of course the latest forecast from fox 29 weather authority on "good day philadelphia" weekend. san tina's dragons a non-profit working to empower kids with special needs. it is getting ready to strut its stuff. at one point the excitement that comes witness mummers parade was just too much for some of the children but now the very children who at one time found it all a little overwhelming will be in this big parade this monday if the weather doesn't postpone it. fox 29's shawnette wilson has it all in center city. shawnette. >> reporter: yeah, lucy we hope the show goes on because these kids are working extremely hard. the parents say this is actually the first time that a group of children with special needs will play a major role in the mummers
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parade and they certainly hope it won't be the last. >> karen and pat help their 18-year-old son christopher try on his dragon costume. >> show them chris. >> christopher is one of about 19 children with autism or other special needs who will strut their stuff in the mummers parade on new year's day. >> it's a big year. never been done before. and we're going to do it have a ball doing it report roar the children belong to group called san tina passes dragon a non-profit to hem empower them and bring awareness. this video from last year when when he attended the fancy brigade walk through at the convention center. christopher got a standing ovation from the crowd. [ applause ] >> karen gets emotion thinking about that day. >> he's been through hell and he's making everybody happy. >> reporter: that night idea for dragons to be part of the mummers parade was born. lisa and mario, started the group three years ago for their 13-year-old son santino who has autism. they took the idea to the
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mummers who said yes. >> just so thrilled to be a part of such a beautiful tradition and be treated as equals. >> they used to lead their south philly home every new year's weekend because their son couldn't handle it. >> large crowds and the noise and the lights. it was very overwhelming. >> routine theme is a message about churn with special needs. >> a night doing gone fighting at first. both warriors. both the same but hate each other it doesn't make much sense in the end they realize that and they learn to accept each other. >> who would have ever thought we would have a group of special needs kids mashing in the mummers day parade. hopefully they can year we'll be our own brigade. >> of course, the big thing if you are in the mummers parade you win but lucy these parents say they don't care about that. they just want the kids to have good time. so let's hope the weather cooperates. >> so hope so. it would be great if they had their own brigade next year. that will be a wonderful thing to shoot for. >> reporter: they'll be pros by then. yeah. >> absolutely. >> thank you much, shawnette.
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♪ as the year comes to close we bid final farewell to many of the people we lost in 2017. the prominent stars of the tv and the silver screen legendary singers and the notable newsmakers who died over the past year. ♪ thank you for being my famil family. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> goal lee, sure sounds like a lot of fun. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i think i love you so what am i so afraid of? ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> and i won't back down. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> so many people that are part of fabric of our lives and tonight we are hearing author sue graph ton has passed away. family friend says a 77-year-old best selling writer of alba bet klee miss trees novels died last night. she was a screen writer before releasing her first novel. a is for alibi in 1982. and release her most recent book in the series y is for yesterday just earlier this year. in your health tonight reason to be cautious the neck time you go to the salon. recent survey nail and hair is a bon clients more than two-thirds said they had health issue after visiting a salon. the problems include skin fungal
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infections and respiratory symptoms. researchers say many of these services involve exposure to chemicals that could be hazardous. you can also pick up an infection from tools that aren't sterilized properly. researchers say the study does not prove that the salons are directly behind the issues. the studies latest journal of the journal of chemical health and safety. all right tee. too much pearing on new year's eve can lead to a woeful new year's day. this you know. how do you prevent that dreaded hangover? well you could of course always not drink but that might be crazy talk for some folks. however doctors are suggesting eat before you drink, don't pound back the drinks. be cautious around darker alcohol because it has chemicals risk of a hangover. boost the and make every other drink non click, you know, like water. now if you get a hangover headache you can try drinking a sprite or seven up which apparently could be helpful.
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and again be moderate to your fox 29 weather authority. scott, obviously it's frigid. don't sugar coat this. all right. just go ahead and give it to us. tell it like it is man. >> lucy it's cold now but it's going to be even colder come new year's day. near record temperatures ahead as we head toward the holiday weekend. but temperatures today, stuck in the 20s. this is our third day in philadelphia. where we haven't made it out of the 20s. take look at the temperatures right now. 2 degrees mount pocono. teens north and west. also into south jersey. sex of delaware. looking at the teens but you factor in the win it feels even colder. get ready for some snow that clipper will be moving toward our neck of the woods 28 degrees tomorrow. a light coating to about 2-inches before all is said and done. the snow still off to the west. but it will rapidly move in here by day break tomorrow in fact we'll go hour by hour and you can see that snow from about
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seven until noon that's the instead yesterday it tapers off until the early afternoon to flurries high temperatures tomorrow in the mid to upper 2 20s. how much snowfall? anywhere from an inch to perhaps an inch and a half philadelphia. some locations could close in on up to 2-inches of snow. now if you're headed to the linc it will foal moore like lambeau field the frozen to undraw. feels like temperatures will be in the single digits. air temperatures right around 2. now let's talk about the fireworks forecast. 6:00 o'clock new year's eve. 18 degrees. feeling like three to eight. 13 degrees at midnight feeling like zero to 5 degrees. so you shall dress for the wind chills ranging from zero to five for midnight. now for the mummers parade take a look at the forecast. temperatures will be in the te teens but 9am it's going to feel like zero. it will feel like four at 11:00. it will feel like 6 degrees by 1:00 in the afternoon. that weather authority seven day forecast showing the bitter
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arctic blast continues 9 degrees new year's morning. new year's day 19 degrees. 26 by tuesday. not as harsh we're calling it b& the mill of the week with a high temperature of 31 degrees. not as harsh. lucy. back over to you. >> that's something. that's what we'll have to take for now. not as harsh, sean. >> there's something harsh about the sixers right now. >> okay. >> the process ain't processing right now. after another tough loss i'll break down what's going wrong with the sixers and what they need to do in the future to get things back on track. that's coming up next in my sports commentary. ♪ ♪
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five seed but yeah looks like i'm wrong. my bad. don't get it twisted i think the team will make the playoffs but they have way more issues than i thought. joel embiid has been really good at times but he's already missed a bunch of games which we sort of new, and when he does play he's not full until shape. that's a problem but still this team should be a lot better than what they are when embiid off the court. so here's couple things they need to do. first they need to get markle fultz healthy. he brings in dynamic they just don't have right now. somebody who is shoot the rock and create his own. second, they need another play maker not just a play maker but veteran play maker one that can really create his own shot and create shot force other teammates. too much on simmon right now. he's a great young rookie. he should be an all star. but still he's a rookie learning how to run a team. so find the veteran play maker even guy like jarrod jack older guy who can sort of mentor and do things off the dribble he can help this team out big time.
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they do nose things we'll be back to where we need to be. lucy. >> let's hope it happens. have you guys heard of guy fee irry. >> yeah. >> am i saying his name right. >> yeah. >> his times square restaurant received a scathing review from the new york times when it opened in 2012. the american kitchen and bar is closing its doors after the nearby ball drop op new year's eve. restaurant owner and tv personality has not said why the restaurant is closing. he's been under fire for a few things lately. who knows why? >> no clue. >> he cook stuff. >> that people eat. >> that's about it. >> tmz followed by page sick at midnight. stay tuned for "the q". the simpsons of course. back here at 7am for good day weekend. >> tracking the cold and the light snow. >> let's hope it stays light. >> yeah, it's not a lot. >> all right.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> ok. everybody, we're getting ready for new year's eve. right? you getting ready for new year's eve? you want a bottle of champagne? here is how you're going to get a bottle of champagne. you're going to go into the bucket and pull the magnetive letters. it will turn into the name of the celebrity that we are going to be talking about today. it is fair game for everybody. i like this. it pits everybody against each other. if you do it, you're going to win a bottle of champagne. and go! >> whoa! >> that was dramatic. >> that was very dramatic. >> we have b. u. that could be an n. justin bieber?


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